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About the Course

Course Description:

The CompTIA Security+ is a comprehensive certification course designed to equip individuals with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to secure and protect computer systems, networks, and data. This course is ideal for individuals who aspire to build a career in the field of cybersecurity and information security.

Who Should Take this Course:

1. Entry-level IT professionals seeking to specialize in cybersecurity.

2. Network administrators aiming to enhance their security skills.

3. IT technicians interested in understanding security concepts and practices.

4. Security enthusiasts and hobbyists looking to formalize their knowledge.

Jobs After Completion:

Completing the CompTIA Security+ certification opens up various job opportunities in the field of cybersecurity and information security. Some potential job roles include:

1. Security Specialist/Analyst: Monitor and analyze security incidents, assess vulnerabilities, and implement security measures.

2. Network Security Administrator: Oversee the security infrastructure, configure firewalls, and manage access controls.

3. Information Security Technician: Assist in maintaining security protocols, conduct security audits, and implement security measures.

4. Cybersecurity Support Technician: Provide support for cybersecurity-related issues and incidents.

5. IT Security Consultant: Advise organizations on security strategies and best practices.

6. Security Auditor: Evaluate an organization's security posture and compliance with industry standards.

7. Security Administrator: Manage security systems, user accounts, and access controls.

Whats Included?

  • Online OnDemand Structure Course

  • Online Real-World Labs

  • CertMaster Test Preparation

  • Live Tutoring & Coaching

  • Test Voucher for Security + Exam

  • MOMA Certificate upon course completion

CompTIA Security +





Payment Plan




3 Months - $283.33

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